There will also be an exhibition running in parallel supporting the theme and showcasing the technologies, latest developments and available solutions



The exhibition will provide a unique networking opportunity to the exhibitors for displaying products and services to the practicing water resource professionals from participating countries. The organizers commit to a liberal footfall to espouse the cause. Exhibitors will also have a unique opportunity to spread their network in this region and find new joint ventures and profit from the growing business in this emerging and technologically important area. Business firms will have the opportunity of direct interactions with thousands of potential clients, highly qualified visitors including decision makers, enormous PR  and promotional opportunities, joint ventures, expanding their business in the rapidly growing Indian water market and to increase brand visibility/image.


Facilities provided

Free hosting of exhibitors’ profile and organisation/company website links on event web portal. Also, booklet containing exhibitors’ profiles will be provided to all delegates and exhibitors.

 Download the exhibition layout and detailed list of facilities for exhibitors from download section on home page 

Exhibition participation fee

BARE SPACE:              INR 10,000 per sq.m. +  GST / USD 300 per sqm

SHELL SCHEME:          INR 12,000 per sq.m. +  GST / USD 350 per sqm 

Exhibitor desirous to take Bare space will have to book a minimum of 27 sq.m. The shell scheme minimum booking space will be 9 sq.m. (3m X 3m) and multiples of 3m. The layout of exhibition plan will be uploaded on the website of the event shortly.


For more details please contact:

IWW Secretariat

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e-mail: connect@indiwaterweek.in