Israel - Doing Magic with Water

Creating water from air, saving every drop of water (and even using it twice!), transforming sea water to drinking water, all of these might have sounded like science fiction 20 years ago, but out of necessity and the need to make arid land fertile, Israel had created innovative solutions to water scarcity and water quality and even in hard climate condition, Israel has overcome most of its water challenges.

Since antiquity, Israel has been facing the challenges of making livelihood in arid land. Since regaining independence, 67 years ago, Israel has been placing emphasis on maximizing its water supply and famously turning much of its arid land into fertile agricultural soil with yield amongst the highest in the world, paralleling with water-rich nations.

Behind this success story lays an integrated endeavour of Government, Business sector, Academic sector and the general public. This holistic approach has generated considerable expertise in various fields of water conservation as well as in the field of water management.

Necessity, mixed with Israeli spirit of creativity, is the engine that keeps pushing forward Israel’s WaterTech industry. These days, the extent of the Israeli water industry export stands at approximately 1.4 billion dollars annually (2010), mostly emitter products for agriculture, water management solutions and treatment. Over 600 companies are active in this field, including approximately 100 start-up companies, offering a variety of products and technologies designed to meet the needs and means of a wide spectrum of customers.

Many of these companies are active in India, working hand in hand with Indian partners to provide water solution to farmers and industry and to improve the quality of drinking water. For laks of farmers and other consumers in India, the Israeli magic is making wonders: spinning life out of water.

Water Management

The Israeli water sector is considered, globally, unique and advanced, thanks to its policy of managing water supply in periods of shortage, and a strong supportive industry. Through promotion and development of desalination programs, as well as reclamation projects, with an effective mixture of assertive administrative approaches, creative thinking and advanced technologies, Israel’s water sector was revolutionized and entered a new era. Thus, despite Israel's water crisis of the last few years, Israel had attained regular high quality water supply, some of the world's highest wastewater reuse and low water loss rates, and maintained its position as a leading exporter of agricultural and water technologies.


Water desalination is a key to sustainability, converting salt water into fresh water suitable for human consumption or irrigation. With its arid conditions and through a spirit of creativity Israel is a leader in the field of desalination and Israeli companies are offering a range of innovative technologies and solutions geared to maximizing desalination efficiency. Many of the Israeli ground-breaking desalination solutions, allowing for cost-effective ways of providing fresh water for regions where its availability is limited, are the products of collaboration between the public and the commercial sectors.

Wastewater & Water Treatment

For the sake of future generations, it not enough just to preserve water we have but we need to find way to "create" more. This is where creativity meets creation…

With over 60 years of experience in the fields of wastewater treatment, purification and water reuse for agriculture and industry, Israel is a global leader and a success story, reusing more than 85% of its wastewater


Collaboration, between Israeli farmers and researchers, generated new, revolutionary and transforming form of irrigation: Drip Irrigation. drip irrigation, subsurface drip irrigation and fertigation have lowered the water-use rate in growing plants, allowed precise irrigation of trees through individual spray irrigation, and introduced advanced computerization of irrigation systems that indicate real-time monitoring and pre-programing of irrigation intervals, buried moisture sensors providing information on moisture levels of the soil.

With the growing partnership between India and Israel, especially on the field of agriculture, and in view of the shared challenges, Israel's water sector is opening up to India, offering a new partnership through transfer of knowledge and technologies, joint development of new technologies working together toward international standardization in this field.