Welcome to the India Water Week 2024; Watch this space for news about the organisation of India Water Week; The Theme, Sub Themes and Sessions/ Panel Discussion Topics have been finalized. You can submit your synopsis/ abstract now!;


A state-of-the-art exhibition covering 2000 Sq.m. area for sale with a total area 4000 Sq.m. is co-located. The parallel-running exhibition is meant to provide an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their ingenious solutions that can help us achieve the dream of sustainable and equitable development with water.
The exhibition is also an excellent occasion for groups to find prospective business partners and possible expansion opportunities. Besides these advantages, it is also a unique opportunity for a brand-building exercise in the field of “Partnerships and Cooperation for Inclusive Water Development and Management”.


TThe exhibition will provide a unique networking opportunity for the exhibitors to display products and services to the practicing water resource experts from participating countries. The organizers commit to a liberal footfall to espouse the cause. Exhibitors will also have a unique opportunity to profit from the growth of the technologically important area.
The exhibition will provide ample opportunity for business organizations to interact with thousands of potential clients to find new joint ventures and expand their business in the rapidly growing Indian water market and to increase brand visibility/image.


Facilities provided

Free hosting of exhibitor website links on the event web portal and inclusion of Exhibitor's Profiles in the booklet..

Exhibition participation fee

BARE SPACE:              INR 12,000 per sq.m. +  GST / USD 360 per sqm

SHELL SCHEME:          INR 18,000 per sq.m. +  GST / USD 525 per sqm 

Exhibitors desirous to take bare space will have to make payment for a minimum of 27 Sq.m. The Shell scheme minimum space will be 9 sq.m. (3m X 3m) and in multiples of 3. The layout of the exhibition plan will be uploaded on the website shortly.


Payment Method

Demand Draft/Cheque in favour of ''NWDA- India Water Week" payable at New Delhi. Online payment facilities are available on the event website: www.indiawaterweek.in