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What Is India Water Week

Conceptualized and organized first in 2012, the Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India is organizing the India Water Week 2024 biannually. It is a 4-day conference and exhibition which is India’s international water resources event. Seven editions of events have been organized in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2022.

With the 2012 edition focusing on “Water, Energy and Food Security: Call for Solutions”; the 2013 edition focusing on “Efficient Water Management: Challenges and Opportunities”; the 2015 edition focusing on “Water Management for Sustainable Development”; the 2016 edition focusing on “Water for All: Striving Together”; the 2017 edition focusing on “Water and Energy for Inclusive Growth”; the 2019 edition focusing on “Water Cooperation– Coping with 21st Century Challenges”, the 2022 edition focusing on “Water Security for Sustainable Development with Equity”. The India Water Week has continued to focus on the inter-relatedness of water and life-systems over the years.

8th India Water Week-2024

The Ministry of Jal Shakti is organizing India Water Week-2024 from 17-20 September 2024. The event will serve as a global platform to elicit ideas and opinions from global level decision-makers, politicians, researchers, experts, planners, innovators, students and stakeholders in the field of water resources from across the world, focusing on “Partnerships and Cooperation for Inclusive Water Development and Management”. The 4 days event hosts Conference, Exhibition and study tours with Seminars, Panel Discussions, Side Events, Exhibition and Cultural programme, besides providing opportunities to businesses to find prospective partners and customers through a 4000 Sq.m. state of art exhibition.

Sub-themes and Topics for Seminar / Panel Discussion

Collaboration and Cooperation for Water Security

  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) for Efficient Water Management in Urban and Rural Areas.

  • Need for Cooperation and Coordination for Water Security keeping in view of the Climate Change Scenario.

  • Synergizing Cooperation Across Boundaries

  • From Water Conflicts to Cooperation.

Integrated Water Resources Development & Management

  • Integrated planning and conjunctive use of Surface Water and Ground Water.

  • Role of Inter Basin Water Transfer in Water Resources Development.

  • Inclusive Water Planning.

  • Issues in Water Scarcity and way forward.

  • Water Quality — Issues and Challenges.

  • Knowledge Transfer and Skill Development in Water Sector.

  • Designing Optimal Cropping Pattern for Efficient Water Resource Utilization.

Challenges in Water Sector Infrastructure

  • Expansion of Micro Irrigation Infrastructure.

  • Water Infrastructure Development – Technological, Ecological, Financial Challenges etc.

  • Waste Water Management — Recycle, Reuse and Circular Economy.

  • Operation and Management of Water Assets and Infrastructure

  • Source Sustainability -Irrigation, Domestic Use etc.

  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).

  • Improvement in Water Use Efficiency in Existing Water Infrastructure.

Risk and New Approaches to Climate Resilience

  • Role of Advanced Technologies in Water Security.

  • Managing Climate Uncertainty in Water Sector.

  • Risks in Water Sector due to Climate Change.

  • Utility of Artificial Intelligence and Geospatial Tools for Decision Making.

  • Vulnerability of Water Bodies, Spring, Glaciers etc. due to Climate Change.

  • Participatory Precision Water Management for Ensuring Water Security.

Ground Water Sustainability and Management

  • Ground Water Assessment — Tools & Techniques.

  • Challenges in Sustainable Management of Ground Water.

  • Water Security Plans at Local Level.

  • Ground Water Quality Related Challenges and Solutions.

  • Ground Water Management Plans.

Water governance and financing

  • Water Infrastructures — Financing and Operation & Maintenance Models.

  • Role of Policy in Water Security.

  • Convergence of Various Stakeholders in Water Sector.

  • Beneficiaries’ Participation in Water Planning and Management.

  • Role of Women in Management of Water Resources.

  • Social Equity and Inclusion in the Water Sector.

  • Harnessing Traditional Knowledge for Water Conservation.

  • Institutional Water Regulation Mechanism.

Water related Disasters and its Management

  • Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Risks and Mitigation

  • Challenges in Management of Floods & Droughts

  • National Disaster Managements Policies and Action Plan.

  • Risk to Water Infrastructure due to Hydrological Changes in view of Climate Change and it’s Management.

  • Coastal Area Management Contingency Plans and Post-Disaster Management Interventions for Smallholder Agriculture

  • Contingency Plans and Post-Disaster Management Interventions for Smallholder Agriculture

Partners in Organisation

The IWW - 2024 will be organised by the DoWR, RD & GR, Ministry of Jal Shakti, in association with Nodal Ministries/Departments viz. Department of Drinking Water & Sanitation, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Ministry of Power, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers' Welfare, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Ministry of Rural Development, related State Government departments, associated expert organizations, key international bodies, private and public business groups etc.

Knowledge Partners

The IWW - 2024 has invited some of the important organisations actively involved in the water sector with immense expertise to identify and bring focus and deliberations on current topics. The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), The World Bank, India Water Foundation (IWF), Council on Energy, Environment, and Water (CEEW) and Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) agreed to join as Knowledge Partners for the 8th India Water Week-2024.

What to Expect at IWW-2024

The IWW - 2024 is being organized with a multi-disciplinary conference and a parallel running exhibition with sundry ideas, technologies and solutions, focusing on “Partnerships and Cooperation for Inclusive Water Development and Management”. The event will be organized at Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan, India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO), New Delhi with over 5,000 delegates from around the globe, 500 more than the previous delegate footfall. The exhibition area at Bharat Mandapam, Hall No. 12A, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi shall also cover 4000 sq. m. This is an excellent opportunity for innovators to showcase their solutions and network with enterprise partners.


This year, we are hosting a forum for multi-disciplinary dialogue in the form of seminars and panel discussions, deliberating on "Partnerships and Cooperation for Inclusive Water Development and Management ".

  1. Leadership Conclave for SDGs (inviting prominent speakers from Foreign Countries, International Organisations, Centre and State Government, country specific presentations etc);
  2. Seminars and Panel Discussions on key topics;
  3. Side Event on key program / schemes of the Central Ministries, States and other organisations;
  4. Dedicated sessions on industry participation;
  5. Stakeholders program (academic institutions, industry, civil society, students etc.).

Participation : How to Participate as a Delegate

Delegates attending the conference and exhibitors can sign up/register for both the conference and exhibition online (www.indiawaterweek.in). Please note that expressing interest through registration for organizing the exhibition is free of cost. However, participation in the conference is subject to payment of registration fees for delegates and space charges for exhibitors. However, the entry for visiting the exhibition is free of cost.

The registration fee payable by the delegates, including the authors of papers for the conference is as follows:

Country India Other Countries
Delegate/ Author/ Young Professional INR 5000/- USD 300

The Registration Fee covers admission to all official functions, technical sessions, cultural program, one kit bag with stationary and event booklets, official lunch/dinner and tea in between sessions.

The registration will cover admission to all lunches, dinners and cultural program. On the completion of the registration process, the Delegates/ Exhibitors will be able to access the details, receive the latest announcements regarding submissions & acceptance of synopsis/ Papers, details of persons registered, keynote speakers, session-wise details, booking of exhibition space, transport & accommodation rate and guidance, and facilities of other features of IWW-2024.


A state-of-the-art exhibition covering 2000 Sq.m. area for sale with a total area 4000 Sq.m. is co-located. The parallel-running exhibition is meant to provide an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their ingenious solutions that can help us achieve the dream of sustainable and equitable development with water.

The exhibition is also an excellent occasion for groups to find prospective business partners and possible expansion opportunities. Besides these advantages, it is also a unique opportunity for a brand-building exercise in the field of “Partnerships and Cooperation for Inclusive Water Development and Management”. For more informatiaon and Booking


The India Water Week will provide excellent opportunities to National and International organisations, Central/State Government organisations, Public Sector Undertakings, Industrial Organisations, Equipment Manufactures, Entrepreneurs, Financial & Funding Institutions, Consulting & Construction Organisations to publicize themselves by being Platinum/Golden/ Silver Sponsors of the Conference. For more informatiaon and Booking

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